Friday, February 4, 2011

My friend Rachel posted her Friday confessions today and challenged all to do the same. I'm game so here it goes.

Confession #1: I know most of the words to songs from shows like Barney and The Wiggles and like to sing along with them.

Confession #2: I love to sleep! I can sleep in late everyday if I don't have anything going on and if I do have early morning activities I like to take naps. I don't always get them, but when I do. Wow! They are the best!

Confession #3: I secretly wanted to be a famous singer . . . and famous author . . . and professional soccer player. That isn't too unreasonable is it?

Confession #4: I am doing nothing in my life right now that I had imagined when I was 16, or 18, or even 20. And I sometimes wonder if I would be happy if my life had turned out like I thought it would.

Now these are not nearly as entertaining as Rachels, but they are confessions none the less. Play along if you want. :)

1 comment:

  1. I didn't know you had a blog or that you played along. I am a follower now so I can keep up with you. Enjoyed your confessions. Isn't it funny how different life turns out from we think it would be. Hope you and yours are keeping warm :)