Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday Confessional

It's friday again and so I have my second weekly confessional.

Confession-I love vacations and getting away, but I don't tell or ask my husband about this love because I think he feels that they cost too much and he is more into spending money on tangible things. If I could, I would go on mini vacations several times a year. I love the adventure of visiting a new place and exploring.
Confession- I am addicted to Diet coke. I mean REALLY addicted to it. I find myself going through a drive thru almost four times a week, just to get my Diet coke fix. But I don't stock my fridge with two liters or cans because I convince myself that I would drink too much if I had it available at home. Crazy huh? Part of me thinks I should kick the habit, but then I love it too much. Pitiful.
Confession- I hate being cold. I sometimes think I should go out and play in the snow with my kids, but I can't stand being out there, so I either tell them no or wait until the older kids are home and make them take Bethany out with them. I just don't see any fun in getting cold and wet, even if it means building a snowman or sledding.
Confession- The last confession being said, I used to love to snow ski. The beauty of the mountains and the exhilartion of swishing down the slopes is amazing. I haven't been skiing in over 17 years though, so maybe I wouldn't like it anymore now that I am old! :)

I think that will do for this week. Have a great weekend!

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  1. Yeah Debbie you came back! I hate being cold too. Something about just being cold and wet doesn't appeal to me any longer but I used to love it. Getting old sucks! lol

    I do the same with chocolate that you do with diet Coke. I wish I could give it up but I just can't and no one can make me! :)

    Glad you played along.