Monday, January 31, 2011

Today has been one of those days where you just don't know how to really absorb everything that is going on around you. I attended the funeral of a woman that I didn't really know. I felt saddened by the low attendance at the funeral and began to think about what I would hope my funeral would someday be like. The woman was in her early 60's and her lack of numbers was not directly associated with her age. If she would have been in her late 90's you could attribute the lack of attendance to not having many of her loved ones still living.
I want to be surrounded by a lot of individuals who I have somehow touched. I want to be actively involved in the lives of those around me so that I will be (hopefully) fondly remembered by many.
I heard recently that my sister has a fear of dying alone. At first I thought that this was a ridiculous fear. After attending this funeral, I have a different perspective on this concern that my sister has. I guess in a way, I too have a fear of dying alone. I think that it would be very sad to know that I had not positively touched the lives of those I come in contact with everyday enough for them to want to come and celebrate my life and mourn the loss.

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